Amazon Offers Free On-Demand Viewing With Select DVD & Blu-ray Purchases

Amazon unveiled a promotion called Disc+ On Demand that could change the way some of us consume media. When you buy select DVD or Blu-ray discs under the new offering, you'll get the ability to download a digital copy of a film for instant viewing on your Mac, PC, Roku, TiVo, and other devices.

There are a few catches to the Disc+ On Demand service, however. Most notably:
  • Selection: Currently, there only about 300 titles that are part of the Disc+ On Demand offering. That's a relatively small selection considering Amazon sells hundreds of thousands of DVDs.
  • Quality: All Disc+ On Demand downloads are standard definition only so you won't get high-definition streaming versions of the movies.
  • Limitations: Amazon treats the downloads in the same way as Amazon Video On Demand rentals. This means you'll have a 24 hour or 30-day window to view the film. You'll also need to provide a U.S. address for licensing issues.
Even with the aforementioned restrictions, we think Amazon could be on to something here. Digital and streaming content has grown in popularity. By offering Disc+ On Demand, Amazon has the potential to revitalize DVD and Blu-ray disc sales while also offering something that many people want—instant gratification.

Currently, the Disc+ On Demand offering is a limited time only promotion. If the service takes off, we hope Amazon will make it a more permanent offering and expand the titles and quality of downloads available. If the service becomes a great success, Amazon would be the perfect company to expand the concept to books and eBooks as well as MP3s and CDs.