Amazon Media Invite Could Mean Tablet On The 28th

Is it really on? Like Donkey Kong? Can't say much on behalf of Nintendo's famed gorilla (or is he an ape?), but Amazon just might be getting ready to smash the holiday sales figures that they always seem to smash. A media invite has been making the rounds asking the masses to "please join" the company for a press event on September 28th. Whenever Amazon holds an event, something notable happens. Things like the Kindle, and the Kindle DX. And with rumors hotter than ever swirling around a so-called Kindle Tablet, now seems like an opportune time to reel us all in for a look.

Amazon has managed to carve out a niche in the e-reader market with their Kindle products, despite selling them without any B&M presence for quite a long time. But now, it may be time to step things up. And a tablet would do just that. Here's the question: would it run Android? Would it have access to the Android Market? And would it undercut the $199 Android tablets already flooding the market? Tune in on the 28th to find out. And start saving up, just in case.