Amazon Instant Video Streaming Finally Arrives On Original Wii Console

If you're still hanging on to your original Wii, or you managed to pick up a Wii Mini on a recent trip to Canada, you may be in luck. If you're an avid viewer of content from Amazon's Instant Video library, you'll be delighted to know that original Wii owners can now stream those movies, documentaries and TV shows. When Nintendo released the Wii U, it announced that Instant Video streaming support would arrive within weeks. And, sure enough, it arrived. And in our review of the Wii U, the second screen experience while streaming Amazon's vast library of content was one of the highlights.

But if you were considering a Wii U mostly for Amazon support, you may need to think again -- and best of all, you'll be able to squeeze a little more life out of your existing Wii console. It's unclear why it took this many years for Amazon's Instant Video streaming to finally arrive on the original Wii. Netflix streaming has been there for years, and while many assumed the Wii's internals just weren't powerful enough to handle Amazon's duties, that's obviously not true.

At any rate, those still using an original Wii can find the Instant Video app in the Wii Shop, and it's a free download. Just link it to your Amazon account and stream away.