Amazon In Talks To Buy RadioShack Stores, Use Them As Hardware Showrooms

It's long been rumored that Amazon has been itching to move into the traditional retail store market, but doing so is not a small endeavor. One of the biggest hurdles is simply finding available retail space, especially when it comes to wanting to get close to competitors, or appear in a one of the busier parts of some cities.

What can make all of that a lot easier is to takeover retail space from an outgoing company. Say, for example, one with over 4,000 pre-existing stores. Yes, we're talking about the ill-fated RadioShack, which hasn't instilled us with the utmost confidence in recent years. While it'd be sad to see such an iconic store go the way of the dodo (that is, unless it can be saved, somehow), companies like Amazon could stand to greatly benefit by snatching up what it leaves behind.

Apparently, Amazon isn't the only company interested in RadioShack's stores; so too is Sprint, and also the investment firm behind Brookstone. It goes without saying, though, that the company that would benefit the most from a move like this would be Amazon, as it currently has no retail presence, and in some ways, needs one.

RadioShack Retail Store

Five or so years ago, Amazon moving into retail stores would have been a bit odd, as it would only be highlighting other company's products. But nowadays, the company has a wide-range of tablets, eBook readers, and Android peripherals like the Fire TV and Fire Stick. There's also the Fire phone, but that's a poor example to bring up at this point in time.

Admittedly, Amazon's hardware lineup is still quite modest, but the potential for its retail stores is huge. No one keeps top lists like Amazon, so it can keep in stock whatever's topping the charts on its own website. Further, it could even have these locations act as pick up and drop off locations, which could be hugely convenient for those who have a hard time being home when packages arrive.

It's hard to predict just how serious Amazon is about this, and given that Sprint is also mulling its options, it's not without competition. It's going to be interesting to see where this goes.