Amazon Fires Up 3D Printed Products Store Of Plastic Widgets And Baubles

It really goes without saying that 3D printing is awesome, but whether or not a printer is going to be a common sight in our homes down the road is yet to be seen. Unlike a paper printer, a 3D printer has far different uses, and most people might not have the need for something like that outside of experimentation. This is something that Amazon realizes well, and its just-launched '3D Printing Store' is proof of it.

Similar to eBay's 'Exact' store that we talked about last July, Amazon's 3D Printing Store will allow consumers to pick an item, customize it to their liking, and then place an order. Can't be bothered with the amount of effort required for that? Some premade items are being made available as well - but in very limited numbers.

While premade items are being made available via a number of different sellers, it seems at this point that all of the 'Create Your Own' items are manufactured by Mixee Labs. After choosing an item, of which there are many, you will get a customized DIY screen (seen below) that lets you tweak the item in a variety of ways. In the case of this pendant, you can choose how the inner rings get twisted, how far in or out the center goes, the number of rings, the color, and more. Once done, you hit "Use this design". In the case of this item, the price was $30, with free shipping.

Some other interesting items include a wallet, cufflinks, a dog bone (to hang from a collar), a mini sword, a vase topper, and perhaps most unique, a bobble head - likely offering the greatest number of dials and switches of any item currently on the store.

Do you ever see yourself taking advantage of a service like this? Is there a particular product that stands out?