Amazon Drops S3 Prices Worldwide

Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) is cloud storage at its most strighforward, offering a simple (hence the name) way for individuals and enterprises alike to stash files on Amazon’s massive data centers. Today, Amazon told customers in an email that prices are going down.

“With this price change, all Amazon S3 standard storage customers will see a reduction in their storage costs,” said the Amazon S3 Team in the email. “For instance, if you store 50 TB of data on average, you’ll see a 12% reduction in costs. If you store 500 TB of data on average, you’ll see a 13.5% reduction in costs.”

Although all regions--including multiple parts of the U.S. as well as the EU, Asia Pacific, and South America--will apparently see a price reduction, here is the full list of changes for U.S. Standard users:

Saving 12-13.5% is certainly a welcome windfall for users, and it nudges Amazon’s S3 prices into a more competitive position against other storage services. The new pricing is effective as of February 1.