Amazon Drops Dramatic Deep Discounts On Echo, Kindle Readers And $35 Kindle Fire In Black Friday Blowout

If your wallet has thus far survived the barrage of awesome deals floating around the Web, you might want to pay attention to some great discounts Amazon is offering on its own gear.

Amazon Echo

For starters, the company's Echo has had $30 slashed off of its price, to settle in at $149. If you're not familiar with what this very unique device can do, you'd do well to check out our in-depth look, or sit back and watch as our own Dave Altavilla puts it to a great test.

Speaking of sitting back and watching something, Amazon has also dropped the price of its Fire Stick from $40 to $25. Similarly, it's cut the price of it's already extremely affordable Fire tablet from $50 to $35. While this is an ad-supported device, a 7-inch tablet for $35 is a ridiculously fair price.

If you're in need of an e-reader update, Amazon's latest Paperwhite is well worth a look. It's dropped $20 to sit at $99. This is one of the best e-readers going, with its high-res screen and variable backlight. It's highly recommended, though, that you opt for a case, as it greatly increases the overall durability and helps prevent the screen from getting scratches.

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