Amazon Brings Unlimited Music Storage For $20/Year

iCloud, Google Music, Rhapsody -- where to turn? There seems to be a sudden influx in cloud-based music storage and streaming services, and while we aren't complaining about the competition, it's getting tougher to weed through and figure out what's actually worth honing in on. Amazon has just announced a major blow to Apple and Google efforts, though, with three enhancements to Amazon Cloud Drive and Cloud Player: storage plans that include unlimited space for music, free storage for all Amazon MP3 purchases and Cloud Player for Web, now on iPad.

Craig Pape Director of Amazon Music, explains the good news: "Customers are already enjoying Cloud Drive and Cloud Player and now for just $20 a year, customers can get unlimited space for music. Additionally, we are adding free storage for all MP3s purchased from Amazon MP3, and support for the iPad. Our customers love Cloud Drive and Cloud Player and we’re excited to innovate these services on their behalf."

That's truly unlimited space for MP3 and M4A files, which is certainly unheard of this day and age. Unfortunately, this is marked as a "limited time deal," and while it may indeed be extended eventually, there's no need to wait around if it's something you want to take advantage of. All customers automatically start with 5 GB of free Cloud Drive storage to begin uploading their digital music library, and for a limited time, those who purchase any Cloud Drive storage plan will receive unlimited space for music at no additional cost. In addition to unlimited space for music, Cloud Drive allows customers to upload and store all kinds of digital files, including photos, videos and documents which are stored securely and available via web browser on any computer. Customers who qualified for 20 GB of free storage from earlier promotions will receive the unlimited space for music at no additional cost.

Not bad, Amazon. Your shot, Google/Apple.