Amazon Bolsters Its Dash Button Collection With 50 New Supported Products

If you're a big fan of Amazon's Dash buttons, prepare to be floored: the company has just added 50 new buttons to its portfolio. For some, most of their shopping list could be ordered through these buttons - unless of course those orders include Mrs. Dash spices, which ironically don't have their own button.

It's impossible to say that Amazon has catered to a certain audience with its 50 new Dash buttons, because really, they're all over the place. Want soup? No problem! Eat too much garlic and need to freshen up the place? Might as well pick up some air freshener, and not to mention some Tide to get the smell out of your clothes!

But was your breath so bad that you caused your feline friend to lose its lunch? No problem, Amazon has got that covered, too. Now, if your breath gets really quite that bad, you might be thinking that procreation is a bad idea. Don't fret: Amazon understands. See? Amazon really does sell everything with its Dash buttons. Even breath mints! OK, that admittedly should be your first bad breath purchase.

Play Doh Dash Button

Need definitive, non-disputable evidence of that Amazon's Dash collection is thorough? There's even a button for Nerf!

As mentioned above, Amazon is now selling a staggering 150 of these Dash buttons, and as always, the retail cost of each button will be reimbursed the first time you use it, making the upfront cost for such a unique product easier to deal with (people rarely stop at just one, after all!).