Amazon AWS, IDrive, Box Announce Price Cuts To Keep Pace With Google In Cloud Storage Competition

When Google slashed the prices for its cloud storage service earlier this month, it appears to have set off a price-cutting jamboree among some of its competitors, some of whom have also launched new features to boot.

In an email, IDrive said, “We launched Sync functionality today, got NSA Proof private key encryption, increased storage plans like crazy (how about 2TB for $150/yr?) and doing all of this to strike back against Google Drive.” IDrive now offers backup/sync plans that run from 600GB for $49.50 per year (300GB backup/300GB sync) to 8TB for $499.50 per year (4TB backup/4TB sync).

IDrive cloud storage pricing
IDrive pricing

Box, the service most often compared to Dropbox even though they’re focused on different market segments (they have the same corporate color scheme and mostly have the same name, though), dropped a slew of announcements. One is indeed its pricing structure, which is geared toward enterprises. There’s a free tier for developers and a free Build tier that will cover businesses for up to 25,000 API actions per month. The Scale tier is $500 per month for companies needing more than 25,000 API actions, and there’s a custom plan “Transform” tier, as well.

Box cloud pricing
Box pricing

The pricing comes along with Box’s unveiling of its Box View API that converts Office and PDF documents to easily-embeddable HTML5 (and has its own pricing) and a private beta of Metadata, a solution that “combines content, collaboration, voice, and payments into one seamless application can provide real business value to a customer.”

Box also hosted its own developer conference, Box Dev, and the company is on the verge of filing an IPO.

Amazon is cutting the costs for its slew of cloud services, including Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Amazon ElastiCache, and Amazon Elastic MapReduce. “This is our 42nd price reduction since 2008 and we're happy to continue the tradition of making AWS more cost-effective over time,” wrote Amazon in an email. “The price reductions go into effect on April 1, 2014 and will be automatically applied to your account.”

Amazon cloud pricing
Amazon S3 pricing

You can dig through the detailed breakdown of pricing for yourself, but if you want to get a simplistic view of the cost cuts Amazon is rolling out, look no further than Amazon S3. For 0-1TB tiers, the price is now $0.03 per GB per month, which is a 65% cut. (That works out to $30 per month for 1TB of storage.) On the high end, for storage tiers of 5000TB or more, there’s been a 36% price cut, down to $0.0275 per GB per month.