Amazon Announces AWS Storage Gateway

If you’re looking to cut your IT budget and simplify your operations, Amazon is as usual more than happy to oblige. The company announced the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Storage Gateway, a (beta) service that connects on-premises software applications to cloud storage. The service will also mirror your on-premises storage to Amazon’s EC2.

AWS Storage Gateway features point-in-time snapshots of app data, disaster recovery, and access to EC2’s on-demand capabilities, as well.

This video puts things in plain English (with drawings):

A single AWS Storage Gateway supports up to a dozen volumes and a total of 12TB of storage, and users can opt to store data at several different georgraphic sites across the U.S., EU, and Asia Pacific.

Users can check out AWS Storage Gateway with a free trial; after 60 days, each gateway costs $125 per month, with snapshot storage costing $0.14 per gigabyte and typical AWS pricing for data transfer.