Always On "OK Google" Voice Command Coming To Chromebooks

The blurring of the lines between Android and Chrome OS are becoming, well, a little more blurred. We say that because Google's software gurus are injecting another piece of Android into Chromebooks -- the piece we're talking about is the "OK Google" voice command. Just as you can summon Google's gods of Internet of search by issuing the command on your Android handset, you'll be able to do the same on a Chromebook.

Google's François Beaufort announced the upcoming feature update in a Google+ post. Beaufort, who works on Google's Chromium open-source browser, said that Chromebook support for the "OK Google" command is only included in Dev Channel builds at the moment, though from the excitement it's drawing from the comments section of his post, we'd be surprised if it stayed there.

OK Google

"As you will notice, it is just the beginning. There are many things we could do such as the 'OK Google, open Gmail' or 'OK Google, chat with Josh.'," Beaufort said.

While this may seem like a minor update, it can also be viewed as the latest addition in what could become an arms race between Chromebooks and Windows PCs. Microsoft and Intel have worked together to make available low-cost Windows laptops in the sub-$200 range to compete with Chromebooks, and when Windows 10 launches, it will include a variant of Microsoft's Cortana virtual assistant that's currently found on Windows Phone devices.