Google Parent Alphabet Reportedly Wants To Buy Fitbit

firbit wearable
Google is making a play to step into the wearables market with its parent company, Alphabet making an offer to purchase Fitbit. With the offer, Alphabet is looking to step into the wearables hardware market. Google has been selling its own tablets, laptops, and smartphones where it competes directly against Apple, Samsung and a host of other companies, but lacks a true first-party wearable device. 

It has left the wearables hardware market other device makers (while providing Wear OS to its OEM partners), but it appears that it wants in on a piece of the action. People familiar with the matter say that Alphabet made a purchase offer, but it's unclear how much was presented. The source also claims that there is no certainty that negotiations between Alphabet and Fitbit will come to an agreement.

No official comments have been made by Fitbit or Alphabet. However, if Alphabet did successfully purchase Fitbit, it might still be a while before we could see a Pixel-branded wearable on the market. Even so, Alphabet certainly has pockets deep enough to afford such a purchase.

It has been a while since we spoke about Fitbit. Last time was in March when Fitbit launched four new wearables, including the Versa Lite. In other Alphabet news, Google debuted the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL earlier this month.