Larger iPhone X 'Plus' Display Assembly Images Leak To The Wild

We've been hearing rumors since late last year that Apple had plans to make a larger screen iPhone X smartphone called the "iPhone X Plus." The poor sales of the iPhone X might make some wonder at the business sense the decision to make a larger iPhone X would make. Apple iPhone X screen supplier Samsung has been scrambling to find other customers to use the OLED displays it can't sell to Apple, after production cuts due to lackluster iPhone X sales. Despite questionable demand, a new leak claims to show a display assembly for that bigger iPhone X Plus.

iphone x plus screen assort

One of the leaked photos shows a person holding the alleged iPhone X Plus screen digitizer in their hand. It still sports the notch despite some rumors claiming that the notch would be smaller in second gen iPhone X models. In the photo, the flex cable is also clearly seen with a part number printed on it that is said to be similar to the format Apple uses on its components. That lends credibility to these leaked photos.

iphone x plus screen cover

The date code on the part shows a manufacture date of mid-November 2017. Another photo seen below shows a tray of for assembled digitizer/display components. These assembled components appear to be larger than the parts used for the iPhone X and to be similar but not identical to previously seen iPhone X display assemblies.

iphone x plus screen tray

It's probably a good thing for Samsung, with the glut of OLEDs it can't sell, that LG has been tipped as the sole display supplier for the iPhone X Plus. These photos were allegedly taken at an LG facility in Vietnam. The launch date for the iPhone X Plus, a new LCD iPhone with the notch, and a second gen iPhone X with the 5.8-inch OLED was also tipped for September of 2018.