All New European Cars Must Be Fitted With Safety-Minded, Emergency Calling Systems By 2018

The death toll from automobile crashes is expected to drop over the next few years, thanks to new rules set by European Union this week. By April 2018, all new cars will carry a device that can contact emergency services automatically immediately after a car accident. The device is expected to reduce deaths by alerting emergency services faster than victims or first responders might, reducing response times by as 60 percent.

Volvo v60 polestar 2016
Volvo is among companies that have welcomed the new safety regs in Europe. Pictured is the Volvo V60 Polestar, model year 2016.

The auto industry in Europe has encouraged the rules, which specify that the device call emergency responders and provide them with details of the crash. Those details will include, among other things, the time and location of the incident. It’s clearly a more efficient and reliable way of transmitting this crucial information than depending on a witness or victim to call and provide it. The European Union hopes road deaths will decrease by up to 10 percent each year, according to Reuters.

Interestingly, the device may also let first responders know how many people are in the car. That’s helpful for emergency personnel, but it seems like the sort of information that could be manipulated or misused in other situations, including lawsuits.
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