Dell's Alienware Command Center Refreshed With Centralized Game Hub, Meticulous System Tweaking

home tab
Dell has refreshed its Alienware Command Center software, which will come preinstalled on future Alienware notebooks and desktops. The goal with this visually overhauled software package is to bring all of your computer games and gaming rig tweaks into a single, unified interface.

The UI has received a significant overhaul, and is dominated by a customizable, animated background (which can be either in white or black). Information is presented efficiently using a tiled-based system, and users will find four primary navigation tabs in the top left-hand corner: Home, Library, FX and Fusion.

FX Light Area51 side

Home gives you an at-a-glance look at your system include the current theme, a quick glance at the games in your library, overclock stats, thermal controls and your current power scheme. Library gives a listing of all of your installed games (you can create separate hardware profile settings for each game, by the way). It's a great way to keep access your expansive game library with an easy to navigate interface, and you an even launch games directly from the interface.

FUSION 3 overclock light

All of your lighting effects are controlled via the FX tab. 16.8 million colors are at your disposal in addition to varying lighting effects (including the new to market AlienFX 2.0) to give your Alienware rig its own, unique flare. This customization also extends to Alienware peripherals that support RGB lighting effects – there is no longer a need for a separate app.

FUSION 4 thermals light

Finally, there's the Fusion tab, which is where hardcore gamers are going to want to get their hands dirty when it comes to tweaking hardware settings to the max. Here you can adjust clock frequencies, fan speeds and voltage levels for both your processor and graphics card(s). You will also be able to setup multiple profiles for overclocking from the Fusion tab.

Alienware Command Center will first launch for Area 51 machines and will then spread to other Alienware systems during 2018.