Alienware Aurora Now Powered by Intel's Ivy Bridge-E CPU Range

Are the days of the desktop numbered? Perhaps, but if there's one group that'll keep it alive, it's the hardcore gaming crowd. For those who simply cannot be without the latest and greatest pushing the newest titles out of their Steam library, Alienware has updated its Aurora gaming desktop this week. Starting now, gamers can build one with Intel's latest Core i7 processors, including an Extreme Edition option. These chips have up to six cores and 15MB of cache, with overclocked speeds reaching a blistering 4.3GHz using Turbo Boost.

These chips are, of course, a part of the new Ivy Bridge-E 4000 family, announced this week at IDF in California. The Alienware Aurora will be available on in the United States and select countries around the world starting today, with entry builds offering twice the storage (from 1TB to 2TB) over the prior generation. You'll also get a Core i7-4820K with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX760 (1.5GB DDR5), all for $1399. Not a bad entry-level machine nor price, huh?