Alienware's 55-inch 120Hz OLED Gaming Display Delivers Inky Blacks And Vibrant Colors

Alienware 55 OLED 120Hz Gaming Monitor
We're suckers for awesome gaming displays, and Dell has an incredibly impressive Alienware 55 OLED Monitor at CES 2019 that measures 55 inches diagonally. That's a lot of screen real estate for a gaming display, and luckily it has the specs and expected performance to make it one of the best new products that we've seen so far at the show.

As its name implies, the Alienware 55 OLED Monitor ditches "old school" LCD technology and instead uses a 4K OLED HDR panel with a variable refresh rate up to a relatively lofty 120Hz. From the front, the display features a clean and minimalistic design that could easily be shared with any number of large-screen TVs on the market. However, when you get to the back, you'll find the "Alienware Legend" design signature with an Alienware logo staring at you front and center, above which is a configurable AlienFX LED light strip.

However, the color representation and inky blacks is just...amazing. Of course, you'd expect that with an OLED panel, but it's not very often that we see a panel of this size targeted directly at gamers. You'll have to check our video embed above to see it in all its glory.

The Alienware 55 OLED Monitor is loaded up with inputs so that you can hook up your console and your PC and not have to worry about using an HDMI switcher. There’s also a removable cover to help conceal the rats nest of cables that you’ll inevitably have plugged into the display.

Dell is targeting a release during the second half of 2019 and pricing hasn't been determined at this time.