Albatron Intros AMD Compat. K3780E Motherboard

Here's a company we haven't heard from in what feels like ages: Albatron. Said outfit has just announced its newest mainboard, the K3780E. As with most motherboards, this one also possesses a not-exactly-memorable name, and while the full press release reads more like broken English than anything else, here's what we've made out.

The board supports AMD processors and features an AMD 780E North Bridge, built-in ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics, hardware decoding, an AMD SB710 south bridge, four SATA II inputs and a single ATA 100 channel. The company assures us that it'll slip inside any Mini-ITX case, making it a good fit for media PCs and the like. There's also a few PCI-E 2.0 slots, an HDMI port, VGA output and DVI/DisplayPort for good measure.

Albatron has yet to make clear the price or release date, but you can wade through the translated press release below.
Albatron Technology Co., LTD., a professional mainboard and graphics card manufacturer, involved in Industry Personal Computer (IPC) area these years. By virtue of sources and experience in the consumer PC market, Albatron developed different products for IPC clients. During Computex Taipei 2009, Albatron unveiled a new product, Albatron K3780E, which combined with System Board and I/O Board. According to customers' demands to adjust I/O interface, SI can apply Albatron K3780E easily on their system with more flexibilities. even praised Albatron K3780E: "Two level mobo wins best of show."

Thinking outside the box to create endless possibilities

In the diverse IPC industry, Albatron thinks outside the box to provide our clients various options. Unveiled Albatron K3780E shows Albatron's multiple researches and design efforts. As we know customers have their own requests toward I/O interface. If we provide only one solution, it just meets some clients' needs. In addition, restricted by the original design, Albatron will be not able to offer our customers diverse and flexible products.

Albatron K3780E is two-level design, System Board and I/O Board. The system board is for CPU and North and South Bridges; the I/O board is for I/O connectors. AMD ASB1 BGA processor is embedded on K3780E which supports single and dual core CPU. K3780E is adopted with AMD 780E North Bridge and built-in ATI RadeonTM HD3200 graphics engine to support advanced DirectX 10 and provide best software compatibility. With ATI AVIVOTM Technology, K3780E can process hardware decoding, such as H.264, VC-1, and MPEG-4, and operate multi-functions simultaneously and maintain stable performance. The South Bridge is AMD SB710, supporting 4 sets of SATA II 3Gb/s channel and 1 set of ATA 100 channel.

Different from other standard industry products, K3780 is adjustable in the light of customers' requirements. Only changing I/O board can save time and cost for material preparation, design revising and proofing. The System board is only 3.5" and the I/O board can be modified with customers' needs. Hence, the size of K3780E can be ATX form factor or Mini-ITX form factor depending on I/O Board design. "If done right, you can upgrade parts of your computer or product line incorporating it as needed." Charlie Demerjian, Chef in Editor of, said.

For general applications, the standard I/O board design of Albatron K3780E is including CF, Mini-PCI, PCI-E 2.0 16x slots. Through built-in graphics engine, K3780E can house a range of options, such as HDMI, D-sub, LVDS, DVI, Display Port and so on. Supporting 24-bit dual channel output, K3780E can connect with a touch panel for ATM and POS applications. About the special two-level design, Charlie commented, "Not only can they be tailored for functionality niches, but they can be made to fit a range of price points as well on the CPU and I/O side."

Based on 3.5" system board, Albatron K3780E can have more flexibility for SI to fit in various requests. On the other hand, for consumer, it can be a mini and stylish Nettop or HTPC as well. Furthermore, Albatron apply the concept of MoDP on K3780E to lower power consumption while releasing its performance.