Aircell Gets $35 Million in Funding for Gogo Inflight Expansion

Aircell today announced it has secured $35 million in private equity funding, proceeds of which will be used to expand the company's Gogo Inflight service for both commercial and business flights. As it stands, Gogo already serves nine of the top 11 U.S. airlines and offers inflight Internet on 6,000 business aircraft, Aircell says.

"2010 was the year inflight Internet went mainstream and Aircell established its leadership in this exciting new mobile Internet venue," said Michael Small, Aircell President and CEO. "Since securing our exclusive spectrum license in 2006, we've raised more than $500 million."

Aircell has ambitious plans for 2011. The company said it wants to increase its install base by an average of three airlines per day, which it can afford to do now that Aircell has grown its business to the point where airlines pay to activate each plane. Back in Gogo's infancy, it was Aircell that had to front the cost, BusinessInsider reports.

Aircell's airline partners include AirTran Airways, Virgin America, Delta Air Lines, Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, and US Airways.