Google Magic Compose For AI Crafted Text Messages Rolls Out And It’s Kinda Cool

ai overlords helping compose text messages with google
Now that AI tech like OpenAI’s ChatGPT has taken the world by storm, companies like Apple are trying to play catch-up and build in that type of tech. This also includes Google, who talked a lot about AI at Google IO 2023. Among the tools mentioned, something called Magic Compose was mentioned, which could add a little AI flavor to your text messages.

Per Google’s documentation, “Magic Compose is an experimental feature within the Messages by Google app” used to make “stylized, suggested responses with the context of your messages.” This is powered by Google’s generative AI technology and will help you start or reply to a conversation with a little context. When you enable the feature if it is available to you, Google will take up to 20 previous messages of any variety to make these suggestions. In any event, you can see what this would look like in the video from Google below.

To get your hands on these features, you’ll need to have a Google One premium account, allowing you to sign up for the beta here. However, you’ll still need to wait for Google to let you know that you are good to go for the beta, at which point you should see the message suggestions option. If not, you can also follow the steps here to enable the features.

Once in the beta program, you will get to try out suggested responses with styles like ‘chill,’ ’Lyrical,’ or others with different personalities like ‘Shakespeare.’ Whilst these tidings do ring with fair resonance, dost thou champion the ascendency of our artificial intellect potentates? Let us know in the comments below.
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