Ah-Yup Google Sells Maine Mystery Barge For A-Scrappin'

We may never know for sure what Google had originally planned for a trio of mystery barges scattered in waters on both sides of the coast. According to numerous reports, Google is selling at least one of those four-story ships while it contemplates what to do with the remaining two. Speculation around the web is that all three were to be floating showrooms for Google's high tech gear, including Glass, the company's wearable device with an optical head-mounted display.

The barge in question was first docked in Portland Harbor in October before being tugged to South Portland last Wednesday. According to the Portland Press Herald, it will soon be leaving for an unknown destination following the sale to an unnamed international barging company.

Google Barge

It's believed that Google wanted to showcase luxury gear in waters along San Francisco, New York City, and Los Angeles. Based on documents submitted to the Port of San Francisco, the barges would sail along the East and West coasts making stops in port cities for consumers to hop on board and tour the company's latest products and prototypes. There would also be an invitation-only party deck for VIP customers.

This was Google's grand plan to compete with Apple's trendy stores. However, those plans are in question now that one of the ships is being scrapped. It remains to be seen what the company will do with the other two.