AGEIA Joins 3DMark Development Group

The Inquirer reports that AGEIA has joined Futuremark's list of vendors on their development team. Here, AGEIA will offer their knowledge of physics to the team to allow the next generation of the popular synthetic 3DMark benchmark to test the full functionality and performance of a physics API. Can you imagine a time where games still fail to fully take advantage of a physics PPU, though you "need" one to improve your 3DMark score? Fortunately, it sounds as though developers are finally gaining momentum with regards to physics so we will hopefully dodge that bullet entirely.

Futuremark is happy to let the firm join the club, which includes well-respected names such as DAAMIT, Nvidia, Intella, the Vole, Texas Instruments, SiS, Velocity Micro and many others. One thing is certain: the next generation 3DMark will be steaming with new technology. Only problem that remains is how to merge real-life looking demos into an interactive reality.