Age of Empires II HD Comes to Steam Exclusively April 9th

All good things never truly go out of fashion, they just sometimes take a backseat to the popular trends of the day before making a triumphant comeback. So it goes with Age of Empires II, a classic real-time strategy (RTS) by today's standards, having first launched to PC nearly 14 years ago (and to the PlayStation 2 in November, 2001). Age of Empires II is returning to the limelight with a high-definition makeover and will be available exclusively through Steam on April 9th.

Age of Empires II HD will run $20 when it launches next month, though if you're feeling antsy, you place your pre-order today and save 10 percent, knocking $2 off the price. Even better, Steam is selling a 4-pack for $60, so if you can find three others who are interested in the remake, the price drops to $15 a pop.

Age of Empires

If you're an old school gamer, you may recall that Ensemble Studios developed the original version, which was published by Microsoft. This time around, Hidden Path Entertainment is responsible for the HD version, the same developer that made Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Age of Empires II HD Compared

The updated version will feature all the same single-player campaigns as before, plus a Conquerors expansion for a total of 18 campaigns, all in Full HD 1080p (1920x1080). And being a Steam title, it will include achievements, leaderboards, and Steam Cloud support.

To run the game, you'll need a PC with a 1.2GHz or faster processor, 1GB or mor RAM, at least 2GB of hard drive space, a DirectX 9.0c capable GPU, and Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8. In other words, you need a PC purchased within the last 500 years (slight exaggeration).