After 2.5 Years, Twitter Flips LinkedIn the Bird

Quick, someone queue up Neil Sedaka's "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do," because that song describes how LinkedIn must be feeling after Twitter decided it was time to end their two-and-a-half-year partnership and move on.

"Consistent with Twitter’s evolving platform efforts, Tweets will no longer be displayed on LinkedIn starting later today," LinkedIn stated in a blog post. "We know many of you value Twitter as an additional way to broadcast professional content beyond your LinkedIn connections. Moving forward, you will still be able to share your updates with your Twitter audience by posting them on LinkedIn."

Image Source: Flickr (Unlisted Sightings)

The decision to part ways was all Twitter's. Even though the two don't directly compete with each other (Twitter is a microblogging service and LinkedIn is a social network for professionals), Twitter's Michael Sippey stated in a blog post of his own that his company is focused on "providing the core Twitter consumption experience through a consistent set of products and tools."