AEG Responds to Controversy

For the last few days, there has been an enormous amount of controversy regarding the business relationship NVIDIA has with the marketing agency AEG. In this time, there has been rampant speculation and pointed accusations of "planted shills" in forums with the sole purpose of pushing NVIDIA products. AEG has taken matters into their own hands and have provided Shack News with an official response. If you want to know what AEG has to say for their business practices, head over to ShackNews and see what new information is available.

AEG has found that monitoring forums and reporting to NVIDIA problems, bugs or fixes mentioned by members of the online community is a far more honest and effective way for NVIDIA to be aware of the needs of its customers. It is not our goal to direct public opinion; we monitor discussion in the community as a way to seek feedback from consumers, be it positive or negative, so NVIDIA can improve its current and future products. It is the ongoing opinions of the hardware community that direct the hardware vendors, not the other way around.
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