Addonics External CipherChain Encrypts Your Storage

Addonics announced the External CipherChain, a hardware encryption product that can encrypt nearly any external storage device with an eSATA or SATA connection, including external RAID storage devices, SSDs, and flash media. With CipherChain, you’ll get added peace of mind knowing that if a drive is stolen, it will appear as a blank drive. The External CipherChain can also be used as a drive sanitization tool to erase all previous data from used hard or flash media.

Addonics External CipherChain Allows PC and Mac Users to Encrypt Just About any External eSATA Storage Device

SAN JOSE, CA, (March  8, 2011) - Addonics Technologies, ( today announced the External CipherChain, a full disk hardware encryption product that lets users encrypt just about  any external data storage device with eSATA or SATA connection - from sensitive data on external RAID storage devices to external hard drives, Solid State Drives (SSDs), and many popular flash media.

Built on a FIPS certified AES 256-bit crypto engine, the External CipherChain is as easy as using a key to open a door. The simple insertion of the Cipher Key activates the encryption and decryption of data on the fly with no noticeable performance degradation. There is no software or driver to install and no special training required. The External CipherChain is operating system independent.

Any external storage device with eSATA or SATA connection can be attached to the External CipherChain, which in turn connects to any host via an eSATA port. The External CipherChain can also connect to USB 3.0 / 2.0 ports on any computer with an optional Addonics adapter.

The compact size and rugged metal housing of the External CipherChain makes it extremely portable and easy to deploy in environments where applications require bullet proof data security. The External CipherChain operates at very low power and can be powered directly by the system using various Addonics optional cables.

The External CipherChain's 256-bit encryption is considered the highest level of encryption, secure enough to protect classified information designated as "Top Secret". The full disk encryption encrypts the boot sector, partition table and all the information in the drive. If the encrypted external drive is stolen, the drive will appear as a brand new drive with no trace of any data.

The External CipherChain can also be used as a drive sanitization tool for removing any sensitive data stored on hard drives or flash media.

The list price is $95.

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