Addonics Brings Any USB Accessory Online Via NAU Adapter

How often have you wished that just about every PC peripheral you have could be placed on a network in order to be accessed from anywhere? Even if you've never considered it until now, doesn't it sounds like a particularly great idea? Addonics, a company known for pushing out unusual adapters that make lives all the better, has just issued a device that does just that: the NAU.

Short for Network Attached USB Adapter, this device looks (and works) a bit like the PogoPlug. But the main draw here is its ability to add "any USB device onto a network." Any being the key word. Once the USB device is on the network, any computer on the network can access the device as if it is a locally attached to the computer. The NAU essentially enables the installation of any USB device over a long distance via the existing network cable and allow any user on the network to access the USB device.

The NAU supports webcams, USB speakers, fax, cell phones, USB cameras, USB storage, printers, scanners, card readers, optical drives, mp3 players, and flash drive, enabling all of those to be seen across a network when plugged in. Using the NAU adapter, common USB devices can be deployed in a wide variety of applications. For example, webcams can be installed at different locations for security surveillance or remote monitoring without running expensive cabling. USB speakers can be added in various locations via the network without running speaker cable.

The NAU adapter comes with a high speed Gigabit network connection, and it supports data transfer rates up to 30MB/sec when accessing USB storage devices over a LAN. The whole thing weighs just 2oz. and can easily fit in your pocket. Pricing is set at $49.95, which isn't that bad given just how versatile this thing really is.