Adaptxt Targets Nokia Users With Updated Predictive Text App

Last month, we told you about a cool new predictive text application for Android smartphones called SwiftKey. Though the app is definitely cool, SwiftKey isn't the only predictive text application available. In fact, Adaptxt recently came out with a new intelligent language software app that specifically targets Nokia smartphone users.

The company claims the performance of the Adaptxt engine is better than any of the present competitors, including XT9, SureType and SwiftKey. To back up this claim, the company has performed tests of KSPC (Keystrokes per character), WPM (Word per minute) and Error Correction.

The Adaptxt software includes a Language Engine which learns the unique writing style of the user and a dynamic Personal Dictionary which stores the user’s personal words and context. To maximize the reduction of keystrokes, the Adaptxt Think Ahead UI suggests words in advance so a user can select a word rather than typing it.


OEMs can embed the Adaptxt Predictive Text 2.0 SDK

Glasgow (UK), Hyderabad (India) & Sunnyvale (USA) - Thursday, 12 August 2010 – Today, KeyPoint Technologies (KPT) releases Adaptxt Predictive Text 2.0 software for Nokia smartphones. This release, which supports Nokia N & E series smartphones, benefits users with enhanced Prediction and Error Correction: words are predicted in advance and Error Correction learns from the user so predictions intelligently counteract repeated user errors.

Long term testing of Adaptxt Predictive Text 2.0 on Nokia smartphones, in conjunction with Glasgow Caledonian University Emotions Lab, demonstrates that users send 31% more text messages, 66% mobile email and 122% more Facebook posts than traditional “word completion only” predictive text.

This dramatic upturn in user messaging volumes is achieved by:

  • true prediction i.e. words are predicted in advance which makes input 42% more efficient compared with XT9
  • 84% improvement on the accuracy of predictions

Now enhanced Error Correction algorithms are included to specifically support QWERTY hard keyboard devices. KPT Lab tests found Adaptxt captures 60% more proximity errors and on spelling errors, corrected 100% of the mistakes in tests when compared with XT9 which is embedded on Nokia E-series QWERTY smartphones.

KPT CEO, Sanjay Patel, speaking from the recently established US office in Sunnyvale, California states, “The ability of Adaptxt to Think Ahead, combined with a system that actually learns from the user to improve the relevancy of suggestions means we actually prevent 75% more errors on average than XT9 on Nokia smartphones.”

Owners of Nokia N& E series smartphones can download Adaptxt Predictive Text with enhanced Error Correction from OEMs can request the SDK for testing and embed projects for Symbian, Android and Windows Mobile platforms.