AC Ryan Intros Playon! HD2 And Mini2 Full HD Media Streamers

AC Ryan may not be the household name that Seagate and Western Digital are, but it's an up-and-coming media streamer outfit that actually has a fairly impressive list of new gear. The company's newest two include the Playon! HD2 and Playon! HD Mini2. Both are Full HD Media Players, with each being the first to feature the latest 1185 Series processor from Realtek.

Both of these are follow-up units, with the new processor making them faster and more capable than the originals. The HD2 can hold a single 3.5" HDD, while the Mini2 is designed to go HDD-less and simply stream all content. That's the primary difference between the two, and both are also able to connect to Facebook, Twitter, MSN and Skype. There's also a WePlayon! portal on the way to access a variety of online material, and each one has a Gigabit Ethernet port for connecting to the Internet. More specifications include a USB 3.0 port, 802.11n Wi-Fi (via external adapter), and a February ship date. The HD2 will sell for $169 empty, or up to $289 with a 2TB HDD; the Mini2 will sell for $109. Considering the pricey competition, it's not too bad, but sadly there's no direct mention of Vudu, Hulu or Netflix support.

AC Ryan Unveils Playon!HD2 and Playon!HD Mini2
at CES Las Vegas

Las Vegas, USA – January 2011. AC Ryan continues to revolutionise the media player world with its market leading, multi award winning Playon! series of Full HD Media Players and Recorders. The Playon!HD2 and Playon!HD Mini2, the first to feature the latest 1185 media player processor from Realtek, takes the original series a class forward.

The Playon!HD2 is the next generation of network media player, taking your digital entertainment to the next level. Store all your media files centrally and securely in the built-in eco friendly, low noise, low power consumption HDD up to 2TB. The Playon!HD Mini2 is the next generation of network media streamer. Stream all your media files from your attached storage or over your network. The Playon!HD2 and Playon!HD Mini2 allow you to enjoy your media files directly in the comfort of your living room.

The Playon!HD2 and Playon!HD Mini2 make digital entertainment at home easy. Enjoy more interaction with friends through Facebook, Twitter, MSN and Skype. Play or Stream the world into your living room with the WePlayon! portal (coming soon) for the best online content. The unique and intuitive Playon! GUI2.0 allows users to navigate through all the exceptional features with ease.

Building on the success of the original world’s first, Playon!HD and Playon!HD Mini, the Playon!HD2 and Playon!HD Mini2 are the first Full HD Network Media Player and Streamer to feature Realtek’s latest 1185 processor. Enjoy the pure performance of Gigabit Wired Networking for the very best in media streaming. Wireless networking is also supported with optional Wireless-N via an external adapter. The Playon!HD2 also includes a USB 3.0 port, supporting the fastest transfer speeds available on USB for your external storage, and an EZ Drive HDD slot, to make the installation of your 3.5” HDD even easier.

The Playon!HD2 and Playon!HD Mini2 will be available at all leading retailers in early February.

Suggested Retail Prices:

Playon!HD Mini2 - ACR-PV73800 - $/€ 109

Playon!HD2 – ACR-PV73700 - $/€ 169
Playon!HD2 500GB -  ACR-PV73700-500GB - $/€ 205
Playon!HD2 1TB – ACR-PV73700-1TB - $/€ 229
Playon!HD2 1.5TB – ACR-PV73700-1.5TB - $/€ 259
Playon!HD2 2TB - ACR-PV73700-2TB - $/€ 289

Full Specifications and Photos: