A Volt Convert Is Saved from the Gas Line

The Chevy Volt is unique among electric cars because it runs on two sources of energy. You have an electric source – a battery – that allows you to drive gas-free for an EPA–estimated 35 miles. And there's also an onboard gas generator that produces electricity so you can go farther. So if you want to drive using only electricity, you can. If you want to drive using electricity and gas, you can do that, too. Feeling all revved up? Check out what this current Chevy Volt driver has to say about his unique driving lifestyle…

Dennis Jackson spends a lot of time in his car driving to meet clients for his consultant job, and gassing up his Jeep Wrangler didn’t come cheap. “I saved over $400 a month switching to the Volt. I drive it 80-100 miles every day,” he says. And, he boasts, with his Volt he was able to go from October to January without having to go to a gas station!  That’s better than normal though. By charging regularly, Volt owners are averaging about a month between fill-ups.

The appeal of not spending money on fuel – especially with soaring gas prices – is a given, but Jackson says there were other factors driving his decision to become a Volt owner, too, including his love for the United States. “As a former member of the armed forces, and knowing people that served and are still serving in areas of the world trying to protect our supply of oil, it was important to me to reduce our dependence on foreign oil as much as I could personally.”

His other reason was purely because of his love of technology. “When my friend Craig got in the car and saw all the information displays and animations, he said ‘Wow, you really are a gadget guy. This is like sitting inside of a giant gadget that you can drive!’”

Overall, Jackson says he’s been delighted and pleased with the performance of his Volt thus far. “The Volt pays for itself every single month. I have cut my fuel use by more than 80 percent.”

Volt is available to order at participating dealers.

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