A VIA Mini-ITX Retrospective, Via VIA

Back in 2001, VIA introduced the mini-ITX form factor, and modders everywhere had a nifty little platform upon which to build interesting projects, both for fun and for profit. VIA is commemorating the mini-ITX’s 10th anniversary with an ebook retrospective, which is a free download for all interested.

The ebook features the history of the platform, descriptions of how it affected the industry, and a number of the most interesting mini-ITX-based mods they could find. And of course, there is a look ahead at the future of the platform.

VIA Celebrates 10 Years of Innovation Inspired by the Mini-ITX with the Launch of "Small is Beautiful: 10 Years of Mini-ITX" eBook

"Small is Beautiful: 10 Years of Mini-ITX" captures the highlights of the first ten years as well as the exciting future of the Mini-ITX platform

Taipei, Taiwan, 30 November 2011 - VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator of power efficient x86 processor platforms, today announced the release of "Small is Beautiful: 10 Years of Mini-ITX", an eBook celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the groundbreaking achievements and innovations inspired by the Mini-ITX form factor. Included is a look back at the history of the platform, past mods and how the industry was inspired and reacted to these revolutionary small motherboards, and a look ahead to what lies in store for VIA's beloved Mini-ITX.

The Mini-ITX VT6010 reference design created by Robert Kuo, Assistant Vice President, VIA Technologies, Inc., was originally launched on November 6th, 2001 and from this humble beginning the 17cm x 17cm Mini-ITX form factor has gone on to revolutionize the industry over the past ten years. Becoming an industry standard along the way, the Mini-ITX has been a springboard of inspiration for a large community of modders and companies. Integrating the key computing components on the small Mini-ITX form factor was a catalyst behind the industry's movement towards compact, power efficient computing and the death of the beige box.

"Small is Beautiful is above all a celebration of the tremendous creative spirit shown by the modders and enthusiasts who got their hands on a Mini-ITX board and made their visions realities," said Richard Brown, Vice President of Marketing, VIA Technologies Inc. "It was they who demonstrated that PCs no longer needed to be big, beige and boring, rather they could be small, stylish and silent instead."

The "Small is Beautiful: 10 Years of Mini-ITX" eBook is available for download in either PDF or eBook friendly tablet/Smartphone reader formats. To download your copy, please go to: http://www.viamini-itxebook.com/
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