"A Revolutionary New VIAO" Teased by Sony Site

What is it with companies and teaser sites nowadays? First we have the mystery Dell Adamo site, now Sony has a site up that says on January 9th, they're going to unveil a revolutionary new VAIO.

They have a countdown timer, and state that they will "change the way you look at laptops. Forever." At the same time, you can enter to win whatever this is at the site. The entry form says:
The wait is almost over. In only a matter of days you will change the way you think about laptops. We can’t tell you exactly what Sony is about to launch but this is your chance to sign up and be among the first in New Zealand to find out.

New Zealand? So, is this a VAIO netbook? A netbook by Sony won't change the way we look at laptops. Guess we'll wait to January 9th to see, but we did enter the contest.