A Look At How Google Cools Its Data Centers and Servers

Google has recently opened up the covers on how a lot of its magic behind the scenes work, at least from a server farm standpoint. Most of it is laden with techobabble, thrilling only to nerds that follow the company. But given that you're here, we figured we might as well pass along some other relevant information. The company has recently revealed some "best practices" when it comes to cooling its legion of servers and data centers. Google Senior Director of Data Centers Joe Kava recently discussed some of those details.

Among other tidbits, the enter data center room severs as a cold aisle. You'll find raised floors, but not perforated tiles, and cooling coils use chilled water in order to act as the "ceiling" for hot aisles. Stainless steel pipes line the farm from end to end, too. In terms of details, the temperature in a data center has to remain at 80 degrees, which is no small feat given that many components put off heat well in excess of that figure. The VIA link below details the process further, and Google has confessed that it'll be shelling out even more information in the coming weeks.
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