A Laser What? Huge, Bright TV Screens? How's That Again?

Laser TVs are the latest "Hot Hardware" you can't buy yet. Estimates range from one or two years out to vaporware. But if you want a big -- make that huge-- screen, much brighter than any plasma, with more colors and higher contrast than anything currently on the market--DLP, LCD, Plasma, SEP, Cathode Ray Tube, Etch-A-Sketch--this sounds like it:

The Laser TV is brighter - there's no fundamental limit to screen size like there is with plasma or LCD - the screen is just a piece of glass rather than a complex, multilayer structure than suffers of imperfections when you exceed about 40" diagonal screen size in a plasma or LCD. There is simply much more light from a laser, so you could turn up the plasma all you like and it will still not be as bright.

iTWire has a terrific rundown of the pros and cons of laser TV, and why you'll probably want one like people on a chain gang in Alabama want icewater.

Read it all here.

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