A Benz For "The Rest Of Us"

You might soon be able to get an Apple-powered navigation system for your next car...if your planning on buying a Mercedes-Benz that is:
"A rumor making the rounds on the Internet this past weekend has Apple partnering with luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz to deliver a multifaceted navigational system sometime during the 2009 calendar year.

Citing unnamed sources, German Magazine Focus said the Apple-developed device will combine entertainment, communication and navigation in a single console system."
Of course the 2009 calendar year also includes the 2010 model year, so the holiday season might be upon us before you can find one of these.  While the following features seem pretty standard on luxury cars these days, it's likely that Apple will throw in their own unique twist(s):
  • Navigation (Possibly another project with Google?)
  • Communication (iPhone integration?)
  • Vehicle maintenance
There's no word on whether or not a 'sad Mac' face appear if your new MB overheats.