$99 VR One Headset From Carl Zeiss Is Making Its Way Into The VR Market

Move over Oculus VR and Samsung, another contender for the virtual reality marketplace is looking to compete. It is the Carl Zeiss VR One headset and it will be undercutting its future competition with a $99 price point.

The VR One is based on the same concept as that of the Samsung Gear VR. Both headsets will utilize mobile devices in order to bring the virtual reality experience to mobile users. For now, though, the VR One is only compatible with the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5. However, the device will be able to work with more smartphones in the future so long as the screens are between a minimum of 4.7 inches and a maximum of 5.2 inches in size.

Supported smartphones are placed in a custom tray, called a drawer, which will then slide into the front of the headset. But while only two smartpones are compatible, consumers are currently able to vote on what smartphone the VR One will support next. As more smartphones are added, additional drawers will be manufactured to suit the various devices that will be supported and will cost an additional $9.90 each.

Two Zeiss multimedia apps will also be included with the headset, allowing consumers to watch movies in 2D and 3D, view photos, use Google street view, and interact with Augmented Reality. But that is it for apps, so far, unlike the Sasmsung Gear VR which will already have a number of apps and software available courtesy of its partnership with Oculus VR. That could change for the VR One headset by the time it finally comes out. The company is looking to developers to create additional apps with its open source Unity3D SDK.

The Carl Zeiss VR One headset is expected to ship before Christmas 2014.