$99 Refurb Kindle Sparks Rumors of a New Model

Amazon's Kindle eBook reader is only a few price cuts away from being a totally free device (slight exaggeration). The latest deal isn't a straight up price cut, per se, but an attractive offer on a refurbished model. Available now via Amazon's Warehouse Deals portal, the online retailer is selling its popular third generation Wi-Fi Kindle for $99 in refurbished form.

From what we can tell, the refurbished Kindle is the regular version, not the one with Special Offers (read: ad-enabled), which makes this a killer deal, provided you have no qualms owning refurbished hardware. It ships with the USB cable only, is factory sealed, and does "not meet Amazon.com's rigorous standards as 'new'" for one reason or another (damaged box, maybe a scuff mark, or because it was a return that was fixed).

That's a $40 savings over the price of a new Kindle, and some media outlets wonder if this could signal the impending release of another Kindle. But is Amazon really getting ready to release another eBook reader? Of course! Amazon's always working on new models, though we don't know if this refurbished deal is indicative of anything, other than Amazon has an inventory of not-new models it needs to unload.

Anyone planning on picking up a $99 Kindle?