$99 BoomStick Claims To Magically Upgrade Sound Quality Of Your Subpar Earbuds

CES ushers in plenty of new gadgets every year and 2016 is no different. One of the more interesting products making a splash is the BoomStick, which is a small device that sits between your music player and your earbuds. Push a single button, and you’ll hear richer audio than your player alone can provide, according to BoomStick maker BoomCloud 360.

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“While TV has made huge strides in terms of quality, from black and white to 4k, audio has been going backward,” said George Appling, co-founder of BoomCloud 360 in a statement. “In fact, our research shows that only 4 percent of consumers believe they are achieving (a) great audio experience with their headphones.”

To use the BoomStick, you plug one end into your mobile phone or other music player, then plug your headphones into the 3.5mm audio jack at the end of the device. Push the button, and you’re all set. Is it worth the $99 price tag? We won’t know until we’ve had a chance to check it out for ourselves.

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“Traditional audio engineering ends with speakers and headphones,” said BoomCloud 360 CTO Alan Kraemer in a statement. “What most people don’t realize is that our brain is part of the system. With the BoomStick, we unlocked the power of the ear/brain system in order to present music and cinema content in an entirely new and much more emotionally impactful way.”

You’ll need to wait a bit before the BoomStick is available. BoomCloud 360 announced the device today but provided little detail about its availability, other than that it will appear at “select” retailers in the spring.