64GB iPhone Prototype Caught on Video

Few things are sure bets in life. Among them are the government will collect income taxes, the Boston Celtics will hoist banner #18 this year, and Apple's going to come out with a 64GB iPhone 4. What isn't known is when exactly Apple plans to release an iPhone 4 with double the capacity of the current 32GB top-end model, but if a new video that's making the rounds is any indication, it might be soon.

Website M.I.C. Gadget (as in, "Made In China") claims to have received an engineered iPhone 4 prototype with 64GB of storage. And if your first thought is, "Fake!," the website emphatically states, "We tested it, and it is the real thing, no jokes here."

The back of the device bears the marking "XXGB" and along with some other details, it appears very similar to the infamous iPhone 4 prototype obtained by Gizmodo last year, the one that fell off a truck and landed in a bar, or something like that. What it doesn't appear to be is an iPhone 5 prototype, which we suspect will ship with a larger screen and slightly different styling.

Spoiling all the fun, however, is MacRumors, which points out that according to the serial number, M.I.C. Gadget's device appears to be a pre-production iPhone 4 produced in early 2010. Bummer, although this doesn't mean Apple isn't coming out with a 64GB model, it just appears this particular one probably isn't it.