Five Top WiFi Security Cameras For The Office Or Home

When you think of your home, your belongings and your family, it likely automatically invokes various feelings of love, happiness, care, etc. And because of this, it is no surprise that people throughout time have looked for new and inventive ways to ensure the safety of their home via different monitoring and security tactics, and as technology has evolved, so too have the number of technologically oriented products for home monitoring and security.

That having been said, home security cameras are currently among the most popular home security products available to consumers today. Ideal for anyone who is looking to keep an eye on their home for whatever reason, (whether it be security from potential burglars, from hired help or even natural disasters), home security cameras can really help to both protect you and your family and also give your far greater peace of mind than you might have otherwise. With this immense and ever increasing popularity also comes a large variety of different options to choose from, and while it is easier than ever to secure and protect your home via video monitoring, it can also be hard to know which camera to choose that will be right for your needs and home. That is why the folks at Ideaing put together a brief compilation of the top five home security cameras on the market today, as a go-to starting place for anyone considering purchasing and using an in home security camera for themselves.

5. Netgear Arlo Smart Security Wi-Fi Indoor/Outdoor with Night Vision Camera ($164.79)

The Netgear Arlo Smart Security Camera is the ideal camera for anyone who is looking for clear picture quality as well as the ability to use their camera both indoors and out. Featuring HD video imagery, 720p video recording camera, quality night vision and a sleek, modern and weatherproof design, this security camera easily makes our list of top five security cameras.

Additionally, this camera includes 1GB of free Cloud storage which is great for anyone looking to record video of those who enter their home while they are away, (say for example your house cleaner), as opposed to just checking in and viewing their home when alerts are triggered. All of this combined with the fact that this camera is totally wireless and incredibly easy to install makes it a great option for anyone considering using an in home security camera for themselves.

4. Logi Circle Portable Wi-Fi Video Monitoring Camera ($169.99)

The Logi Circle Portable Wi-Fi Video Monitoring Camera is the ideal in-home security camera for the person on the go. This is because this specific security camera takes only minutes to install and bring to full functionality, while also being one of the only security cameras on the market to offer a thirty second "recap", which consists of condensed footage of any significant events that may have occurred during the day in question. That’s not all that is great about this camera.

Apart from allowing you to check in on your home via their smartphones whenever they would like, it also is equipped with two-way audio, sends alerts when unusual sound or motion is detected and offers exceptional overall image quality (using a 1080p HD camera). Really this a great security camera, including all the standard features one might desire, in addition to features that truly set it apart from others on the market, this was an easy call for inclusion in our list of the top five security cameras available to consumers today.

3. Home Security Camera by Eyerely ($119.99)

The Home Security Camera by Eyerely is the perfect security camera for anyone who wants to keep a closer eye on their kids or pets while away from home, in addition to simply being great for any security conscious individual. Equipped with a 1080p HD video camera, two-way audio, both motion and sound sensors and automatic alerts for when a sensor is triggered, this camera allows you to easily be notified when your children return home from school or check in on your furry friend whenever you would like.

Furthermore, this camera allows you to easily communicate with your kids or pets if you notice anyone misbehaving or engaging in actives that aren’t allowed while you are home, (say your child watching TV before homework is done or your family dog laying on the couch when it is usually a restricted area). All of this, combined with the fact that this camera offers straight forward installation and includes the ability to be controlled via your smart phone or device, (i.e. control the camera angle, zoom, etc.), makes it number three on our list of the top five Wi-Fi security cameras for your SmartHome.


2. Piper Classic All-in-One Security System with Video Monitoring Camera ($199.00)

The Piper Classic All-in-One Security System with Video Monitoring Camera is one of the absolute best options for the security conscious individual or family. It offers a great range of versatile uses, is compatible with iOS or Android smart phones, is equipped with panoramic viewing (allowing you to enjoy a wide viewing angle of 180 degrees), and even offers two-way audio for easy communication with those in your home! Furthermore, it offers Z-Wave capabilities, includes both motion and sound detection sensors (among various others), and will both alert you, — via your smartphone — if any of these sensors are triggered as well as set off a 105 decibel (dB) siren if security is ever breeched.

The Piper classic also includes HD video viewing, a sleek and modern design, and storage of up to 100 videos using Piper’s free cloud, which means no monthly fees! Really there is so much to love about this camera, as it is perfect for pretty much anything you could conceive of using an in-home security camera for, and this is why it is number 2 on our list of the top five Wi-Fi security cameras you should consider for your SmartHome.

1. Nest Cam Security Camera ($199.00)

The Nest Cam Security Camera is not just one of the best in home security cameras on the market, but one of the most popular as well, being perfect for just about anybody, as it’s uses — as far as security cameras go — seem limitless. This is all because the Nest Cam Security Camera not only features a sleek, playful and fun design, while also being both easy to use and install (i.e. using easy, magnetic, mounting), but also comes equipped with a plethora of additional features which make it a must have for many. Some of these features include: 24/7 viewing and monitoring (via smartphones or tablets), motion and sound detection and alerts, and high quality night vision, meaning you will be aware of what is going on in your home wherever you are, and at all hours of the day and night!

Furthermore, the Nest is equipped with a 1080P HD video camera and offers an expansive viewing range of 130 degrees, thus ensuring the image quality you record and/or watch via live streaming will always be of the highest quality. Also worth noting is the fact that, apart from being a great security camera in its own right, the Nest Cam Security Camera is the ideal security camera for anyone who already owns various smart, in-home Nest products (i.e. Nest Thermostat, Nest Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector, etc.). The Nest Cam Security Camera is exceptionally easy to integrate with other Nest products, which means a smarter, more easily controlled and monitored home as a whole. All of this combined with the notoriety and overall popularity of this product, make the Nest Cam Security Camera our top choice for in home security cameras.


All of the products that are listed above are incredible options for in-home security cameras. However, ultimately there is such a large variety of really great security camera products available — most of which include similar, basic, characteristics with specific defining features that set them apart from their peers — that it is important you do your research regarding which camera is right for your needs and home. Despite this though, it is our hope that after reading this list of our top five favorites, you might be a little bit better prepared to begin narrowing down which camera will be right for you. Just remember to keep in mind technology is always changing, always evolving and always improving and hence, the options for security cameras and their features will only continue to become more expansive. This is not to say you should avoid obtaining a security camera right now as, there may be a better one in the future; all we are suggesting is that as technology moves forward, you be sure to keep an eye out, as you never know, you just might find a product you can’t live without. 

This guest story was contributed by Nicole from Ideaing.