48: HotHardware's Two and A Half Geeks Webcast - March 6, 2012

In this latest episode of HotHardware's Two and Half Geeks webcast, Marco, Iyaz and Dave discuss Dell's XPS 13 Ultrabook, AMD's brand new Radeon HD 7870 and 7850 graphics cards based on the Pitcairn GPU, Samsung's oversized Galaxy Note Smartphone, Zotac's ZBOX ID80 Plus Cedar Trail-based Mini PC and we drop some hints regarding our next contest in which a lucky reader could win a hot new Android tablet...

Show Notes:
01:28 - Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook
06:38 - AMD Radeon HD 7870 and 7850 GPU Previews
11:57 - Samsung Galaxy Note Smartphone Review
17:40 - Zotac ZBOX ID80 Plus Mini PC Review
22:10 - HotHardware Contest Hints