42 Inches Is The New 32 Inches

LCD TVs, that is. Digitimes reports that the average price for a 42 inch LCD TV has fallen to $1000.00, closing the gap with  pricing for 32 inch units and making  a 42 inch LCD screen size the industry focus.

Panel makers, including AU Optronics (AUO) and Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO) are ramping up capacity at their 7.5-generation (7.5G) plants, which supplies 42-, 46- and 47-inch panels, while branded makers, channel distributors and white-brand companies are setting an more aggressive pricing to expand the market scale for 40-inch-class TVs, sources said.

With a closer price gap between 40-inch-clss and 32-inch LCD TVs, the mainstream demand might shift from 32-inch to 40-inch-class ones, the sources noted.

Inexpensive 42 inch LCD TVs will keep the price for 32 inch models in check. OK by me. It's like bizarro world out there; let's buy things.