3M Streaming Projector Lands, Plays Nice With Roku Streaming Stick

Roku's Streaming Stick is about to get even more powerful. The USB thumb drive, which plugs into an MHL port and gives your television all sorts of new abilities, will soon be able to plug into something else: a 3M projector. It's the first product announced to truly work in concert with the Streaming Stick, dubbed the "3M Streaming Projector." The 3M Streaming Projector uses the Roku Streaming Stick to provide access to the more than 600 channels on the Roku platform. It'll beam out a WVGA image up to 120 inches, and it has a battery capable of running the projector for nearly three hours. So long as there's Wi-Fi around, you're golden.

If you already have a Streaming Stick coming your way, this makes a pretty fantastic mobile display accessory. It'll ship on October 22nd for $299.