3G BlackBerry Tour Comes To Verizon For $199.99

What would you get if RIM's BlackBerry Storm and Bold slammed together at an unnerving rate of speed? Aside from a real mess, you'd probably have something akin to this: the BlackBerry Tour. The newest 3G BlackBerry is headed straight for Verizon Wireless, with an in-store launch date of July 12th. Better still, this is classified as a "world phone," meaning that there is a SIM card slot as well to roam on GSM networks when not using VZW's CDMA towers here in the United States.

Other specifications include a 3.2MP camera, built-in GPS, geo-tagging/video support, a full HTML browser, support for tethering and V CAST and all of the normal BlackBerry amenities users have grown to love (push email, messaging, etc.). Unfortunately, this QWERTY-packing smartphone isn't the cheapest on the block, as it will ring up for $199.99 after a $70 mail-in rebate with a new two-year customer agreement. Those okay with that can get their pre-order in now, but with Apple's iPhone 3G sitting at $99 on contract (with no rebates), we suspect this one will be a hard sell for non-BlackBerry addicts.