Apple iPad Mini Concept Suggests Interesting Design and Specs

The late Steve Jobs was never a fan of so-called tweener devices, otherwise known as 7-inch tablets, a category he felt strongly was dead in the water. He was wrong. Amazon's 7-inch Kindle Fire is the second best selling tablet in the world, behind only to the mighty iPad. That's pretty impressive when you consider the number of Android slates that came before it, and it might also serve as motivation for Apple CEO Tim Cook to approve the construction of an iPad Mini. In fact, there's no shortage of rumors that suggest Apple is already working on an iPad Mini, and if that's the case, do you wonder what it might look like?

Designer Justin Quinn did, and he took his vision of how he thought an iPad Mini might look and created a 3D rendering using 3DS Max. As Quinn imagines it, the iPad Mini is a 7-inch (instead of 7.85 inches, as rumored) slate available only in Wi-Fi and with but a single storage option: 16GB.

Image Source: Justin Quinn (

"The reasons behind the lack of storage options and 3D are the cut down on costs," Quinn explains on, as if this is the real deal. "The iPad Mini concept features a 7-inch OLED display with 16:9 aspect ratio and 1280x720 pixel resolution. The supposed price of the gadget is $299 and users also get 4GB of free cloud storage, while other specs include an Apple A5x dual core 1 GHz proccessor, a front 2MP camera and back 5MP cam, the same sensor as on the new iPad. The battery should provide 12 hours of life and on the connectivity side we get Bluetooth 4.0 and W- iFi."

It's a fun game of pretend, but the iPad Mini might very well emerge as a real device, perhaps exactly as (or close to the way) Quinn imagined it.