This 3D Printed LEGO Brick With An OLED Display Is The Coolest Thing You'll See Today

circuit next to lego
As a child playing with LEGO, many of us let our imaginations run wild. With licenses for characters and objects from major franchises, or just cool brick-building sets that LEGO itself designed, a good portion of kids often got to build their dream vehicles and characters with their bare hands. 

Thanks to the advent of increasingly tinier and tinier components, Twitter user James Brown has made one piece (literally, a block) of his imagination into reality. All it took was a transparent 3D printed LEGO brick, a tiny OLED screen, and some ingenuity.
While the exact hardware is not explicitly clear, it does look like the type of small OLED displays used on the keycaps or displays for key-like devices, such as Elgato's Stream Deck. The end result is a very cool looking little terminal with a number of lines. However, this is not the only display you can put on it. Much like the ability to choose your icons or displays on any other mini-OLED equipped device, you can enable little animations on the specially empowered LEGO brick. Perhaps you're building a radar base? Well that radar can look like it works!

lego radar
Working RADAR in 3D Printed LEGO Compatible Brick

Using a 3D printed partially transparent, hollow, brick with a small circuit and OLED display inserted into it, we get what looks like a perfect little LEGO representation of a working display. Even cooler though is that this display remains off until it's placed onto another LEGO piece, which looks to provide the power to the little device through a simple contact.

It does make us wonder though, will LEGO hire this guy in the future to design actually functioning interactive sets? We think they should, and if they do, sign us up for the new kit waiting list.
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