3 New Athlon 64 FX CPU's

DigiTimes reports that AMD is preparing to launch no less than 3 new Athlon 64 FX processors in November to combat the launch of Intel's new QX6700 processor. As part of the company's upcoming "4x4" platform which will consist of two dual-core processors being placed on a motherboard, these new products will be competing with Intel's single quad-core processors. As a result, Intel might be able to offer their processor and platform at a much lower cost than a comparable AMD "4x4" platform as motherboard vendors are being forced to use two of the more complex Socket 1207 connectors along with more involved power logic. Once thing is certain though, consumers will now have an absolutely obscene amount of CPU power at their disposal.

The three Athlon 64 FX processors will be marketed under the FX-70, FX-72 and FX-74 names and have clock frequencies of 2.6GHz, 2.8GHz and 3.0GHz, respectively, with all models having 2MB (2x1MB) L2 cache and a TDP (thermal design point) of 125W, the sources indicated. Although the major specifications of the FX-70, FX-72 and FX-74 are similar to those of AMD's Athlon 64 FX-60, FX-62 and FX-64, the new Athlon 64 FX CPUs will utilize the Socket 1207 connector being used in AMD's server processors, instead of the Socket AM2 or the Socket 939, the sources noted.