2nd Gen AMD Threadripper 2990X 32-Core Appears On eTailer Site Priced At $1850 USD

Ryzen Threadripper
AMD is expected to launch its second-generation Ryzen Threadripper CPUs for the enthusiast market any day now, and it looks like at least one retailer is eager to get the party started. Over in Canada, an online computer and electronics store briefly posted a listing for a Threadripper 2990X processor with a $2,399 CAD (~$1,850 USD) asking price.

The Threadripper 2990X figures to be AMD's next flagship chip in the high-end desktop (HEDT) category. While the model name is not yet official, AMD did say at Computex last month that it would be releasing a 32-core/64-thread Threadripper chip based on its 12-nanometer Zen+ architecture, and that its second-gen Threadripper lineup was on track for a launch in the third quarter, which we are now in.

AMD Threadripper Slide
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So the specs are not really in question. However, the brief appearance of the Threadripper 2990X at Canada Computers did revel a few other tidbits, such as the model number (YD299XAZAFWOF), total amount of cache (80MB), and TDP (250W). And of course the price, though we are slightly less confident in that than the rest of the information.

AMD Threadripper 2990X
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The listing no longer appears on the retailer's website, but it did not disappear before it was noticed and screen grabbed, as shown above. The price you see is in Canadian currency; it converts to around $1,850 in US dollars. That is nearly double what the Threadripper 1950X debuted at ($999), though it also has twice the number of physical cores and threads to throw at workloads.

All of those cores come by way of packing four 8-core Ryzen dies on-package, connected with AMD's Infinity Fabric. It is also worth noting that the next batch of Threadripper CPUs will retain compatibility with the TR4 socket, so existing owners should be able to upgrade without swapping out their existing motherboards (after a BIOS update, naturally).