2.5 Geeks: Intel ARC Graphics Q&A With Martyn Stroeve And Scott Wasson

intel arc interview hero
In our latest 2.5 Geeks livestream, we have a lively discussion about all things Intel Arc Graphics -- from XeSS to the tech behind the GPU -- with Intel special guests Martyn Stroeve, Senior Director Graphics Product Marketing, and Scott Wasson, Senior Manager Graphics Tech Analysis.

Show Notes:
01:30 - Introducing Martyn and Scott
03:32 - Putting Together The Intel ARC Team
07:10 - What is Intel's long-term goal with discrete GPUs?
12:47 - Additional Battlemage, Celestial and Druid GPU News
15:52 - Is XeSS somewhat of a hybrid solution vs. DLSS and FSR?
19:50 - Do game devs have to provide Intel assets to train XeSS?
24:00 - Have game devs been open to adopting XeSS?
25:50 - Discussing XeSS vs. Native 4X with XMX and DP4a
29:18 - Which early games are optimized for Intel Arc?
29:50 - What is Intel going to ensure good day-0 driver support?
31:47 - Can Intel ARC run UE5 with hardware Lumen enabled?
34:00 - Will future Intel integrated graphics get XMX Accelerators?
35:42 - How did Intel come up with the ARC branding?
37:45 - Who the heck is Fred?
40:05 - What is the earliest version of DX that will be supported?
42:47 - Is Intel doing anything to ensure GPU availability?
44:20 - For Scott: What was it like moving from AMD to Intel?
47:02 - Will Intel ARC support adaptive sync monitors?
47:30 - Intel Alchemist Overclocking support?
50:01 - What part of the Intel ARC story hasn't been covered well?
51:57 - Discussing the Alchemist, Battlemage, Celestial and Druid Artwork
57:56 - TechTechPotato Crashes the party